Proactive Parenting

Are you a parent tearing your hair out? Feeling bewildered? You’re not alone. Maurice Balson, expert in the field of child development and behaviour management, author of Becoming Better Parents (4th edition, 1995) comments that a lack of tradition in raising children in recent years has led to a parenting crisis where parents simply do not know what to do with their children. “In the past parents knew what to do - they simply did as their parents did." However, as times have changed, the old autocratic style of parenting is no longer appropriate or effective. Raising children may seem complicated and confusing, but it can be so much easier with the right support and coaching. Parents who are keen to learn a few simple strategies, get remarkable shifts in their family dynamics and quickly understand how to manage situations like: school yard bullying, sleeping anxieties, conflict resolution, behavioural disorders, hyperactivity and conflicting parenting styles. They are also better able to manage those tricky transitional periods - adolescence and empty-nest syndrome.


Relationships - with yourself and others

Do you ever feel like you’re caught in a loop, doing the same things over and over, which lead to unwanted results, conflict or unhappy relationships? Are you caught up in the current maelstrom of financial stress, trying to juggle making ends meet and still finding quality time to spend with those you love. We live in a challenging time and balancing these needs isn’t easy. Many people are experiencing a great deal of anxiety, depression or feeling overwhelmed then guilty when they feel out of balance with their core values. 


There is a way to break the cycle. Personal trainers are often hired to tone and condition a body. Who do we go to when we need to recondition our thinking, our emotions and resolve stressful challenges? Often wise family members and colleagues are enough to support us in resolving these issues. However, there are times when hiring a mentor or coach to help manage conflict resolution, stressful situations and goal setting is appropriate. We focus on relationship counselling, family counselling and children’s counselling, working from a resilience, strengths-based perspective. We make use of positive, creative therapies to arrive at solutions quickly and enjoyably. Sometimes it only takes a little shift to make a startling difference.



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