Bowen Therapy

What do Bear Grylls, top athletes and footballers have in common? They use BOWEN THERAPY to treat their back pain and other muscular-skeletal complaints. 

In an interview with the UK Daily Mail, Bear describes the difference Bowen Therapy has made to his pain management after his wife suggested he see a practitioner.

 “The Bowen technique, developed in the 1950s, involves using rolling movements over muscles, ligaments and tendons. ...Precisely how it works is a mystery, but many professional football clubs have a Bowen therapist, as it has been shown to be very effective in realigning the skeletal structure.

"I was sceptical, but wanted to keep an open mind," says Bear. "With the slightest squiggle of her fingers, it felt like petrol was being put back in my tank and I could feel all the stress seeping away." Bear describes himself as now 'hooked'.  (Click here to read more)  

How does it work?

Bowen treatment is comprised of a series of gentle moves. Muscles are manipulated with a light cross-fibre movement, which realigns the musculo-skeletal system. It is very gentle and yet deep acting, giving fast results and lasting relief from pain and discomfort.


Why choose Bowen Therapy?

  • Bowen Therapy is safe for almost everyone, from the newborn to the very elderly
  • It is used to treat a wide variety of conditions, such as sore back, neck and shoulder pain, sporting injuries, other muscular or skeltal aches and pains
  • Substantial relief often occurs within one treatment and clients only require two or three visits to treat most complaints
  • Bowen Therapy is a clothes on, oil-free treatment. 

Ongoing treatments help to maintain core body strength through improved circulation while minimising recurrent, chronic conditions. Many people try Bowen Therapy when other treatments haven’t completely resolved their ailment.

We have countless testimonials from clients who find Bowen Therapy nothing short of miraculous, when within one or two treatments their function is restored and pain relieved.


Making a real difference to people's lives

One client recently reported that Bowen Therapy is ‘truly marvellous!’. She had suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident 2 years before and was suffering with burning pain in her shoulder and neck. She could no longer sit and sew, which she loved to do and her symptoms were interfering with her quality of life. Her medical doctor had prescribed anti-inflammatory medication but it wasn’t giving her relief.

The pain was starting to progress into her other shoulder when she made an appointment to have some Bowen therapy. After just one visit she was able to sit longer and could do some sewing again. After her second visit she felt there was a significant improvement and at her third visit she said she had been telling everyone they should try Bowen Therapy!

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