I started using Homeopathy and Bowen therapy about 10 years ago and since then I seldom use anything else. I feel I am much fitter and younger than I was in my early forties. Some of the ailments I have been treated for are: Dermatitis (severe rashes and cracking skin as well as dandruff and tinea),mild depression, poor sleep, impotence, colds and flu and hypoglycaemia. I now understand what It feels like to be well. Homoeopathy never seems to let me down. My message to others is to give homoeopathy a real good go, you will be amazed - even though you may have been unwell for years.

I would like to thank you for your time, patience and dedication in helping me get well. It is nice to know if I do have a problem, I can call you and if you are busy at the time, I know you will return my call as soon as possible. I have never enjoyed good health, even as a child. In the past I have suffered with cystitis, constipation and migraines to name a few. For the past 22 years I have been on hormone replacement therapy and have tried many times to go off it to no avail but homoeopathy helped me achieve this. I cannot believe how homoeopathy has changed my life.

Bowen Therapy

I work physically and find the Bowen therapy has helped me through muscle and back pains caused from my work. I want to write to tell you how pleased I am that your treatment worked so well. My back was in a bad way, so much so that whenever I turned over in bed it went into a spasm and I could barely move. I am so pleased to be able to say since a few Bowen treatments the problem has disappeared and has given me no discomfort since. One thing I like about Bowen Therapy is that it is gentle and relaxing, but certainly works. Thank you and keep up the good work!



My daughter was suffering terribly from anxiety at the start of Year 2 and would often be so distressed when I left that she would experience incontinence during class time. I had tried a variety of tactics and strategies myself thinking that it would resolve in time, but as the year progressed it continued to worsen. I knew if I didn’t find help for her that in time, it would have a lasting effect on her self-esteem and social life.

I took her for a few sessions of counselling, which she absolutely loved as it involved playing with puppets, drawing and a sense of connection and being able to share her problem without feeling embarrassed. With the combined use of homeopathic treatment and counselling, her anxiety left, her confidence is now very high and she is forming lovely friendships at school. I’m so grateful I asked for help.  

I first sort out therapy when I was feeling overwhelmed at work and stressed out as a single mum. I felt like I was at breaking point. I was getting angry at home with my daughter all the time and then feeling horrible after I’d lost my temper. I expected to have a nervous breakdown at work, as I’d had one 2 years previously. I had no idea which direction my life was going and after a nasty relationship breakup was as flat as I’ve ever been.  

Well it’s been quite a journey but when I reflect what’s happened in the last 12 months it’s almost hard to believe where I am now, compared to 1 year ago. My anxiety is now almost non-existent, I’ve learnt how to parent more effectively, I don’t feel stressed anymore, I’ve changed my career and I’ve never felt more alive and content in my life. I thought therapy was for the needy but I’ve come to realise that mentorship, which is what it truly is, is an investment and education that provides the most important learning I’ve ever had. I wish more people would stop compromising and putting up with stress and unhappiness and ask for help.  

A friend of mine, in a moment of courage and kindness, suggested I go and get some counselling and homeopathic treatment. She didn’t say much but obviously she could see I was in a bad way. I’d suffered a stroke and loss of function, severe long-term grief and I was incredibly low. I often wondered what the point of my being here was and felt like I wasn’t contributing to anyone or worth much at all. My wife was completely fed up with me and we were arguing all the time.  

Over the last 9 months, with once a month visits, I’ve come to realise that life is pretty neat. I know now that I have a voice and it’s worth sharing with those that I love. I’m able to be less angry and self-critical and appreciate all that’s good in my life. I’ve even taken up motor-bike riding again and am learning the blues on guitar, something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve started thinking about all the things I’ve always wanted to do and am even writing a book. It’s a hard thing to ask for the support of someone else as a man, but I’m so glad I did.  

Children’s Health

I am comforted to know my practitioner is there for support and I have absolute confidence in her advice and treatments. I would love to see more parents with young children trying homeopathics for teething, growing pains, sleep patterns and dealing with childhood stresses like starting school and new learning challenges.  

Two years ago my son was having an ongoing battle with Asthma. He had been hospitalised for several weeks and our specialist was continuously increasing his drug intake and his lung function was decreasing with each visit. My husband and I were reluctant to continue with this course of treatment and sought an alternative branch of medicine in the hope of finding some relief. A close friend recommended going to Hands on Homoeopathics and they have been very supportive. My youngest son through guidance and treatment has his Asthma under control and is no longer taking prescription medicines.

We now use homoeopathic medicine with great success in numerous acute situations (shock, burns, and bone and muscle injuries). I have several friends who have also had good results from both Bowen Therapy and Homoeopathic prescribing. The immediacy of results and the positive outcomes are what impress us most and I have now developed a much stronger bond with my homoeopath than I have ever had with any GP. As we have gained a greater appreciation for the extensive benefits and use of Homoeopathics, we now carry homoeopathic first aid kits whenever we travel or attend sporting events.  

I first had a consultation at Hands on Homeopathics when my son, 3 months old, was quite unwell. He had a fever, runny nose and he was very lethargic. I decided I needed to do something about it rather than just finding something to ‘mask’ the symptoms. I found out that homeopathics are great for small children and are now a staple in our home, especially in winter. After receiving treatment my son made a fantastic recovery. The next day the fever had gone and the day after that he was the energetic, happy boy he always is. I also believe our homeopathic first aid kit at home has ensured we make minimal trips to health professionals. I think all mothers should know about homeopathics for small children.  

As a mother, I wanted to help my two small children with their asthma & eczema; problems they had suffered since birth. I had visited many health professionals and tried numerous dietary changes and natural treatments. I was advised my youngest daughter would need laser treatment for the growing eczema on her eyelid. In desperation I tried homeopathy. The results were amazing. My eldest daughter no longer carries ventolin, she has been asthma free for six months. My youngest daughter has no scarring on her eyelid & has been eczema free for three months.  

I first started to visit Hands on Homoeopathics when my beautiful baby boy’s skin became red, dry and itchy and he had developed eczema. After our first consultation I knew I had chosen the right path as my baby’s eczema was starting to ease up. Within a short period his skin was beautifully clear again without the use of toxic chemicals.



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