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RoxyWe believe in teamwork and know it takes a good relationship with our clients to be effective. We are committed to being easily contactable to ensure the best follow-up care possible. Our unique alliance means that our clients will always be able to speak to a like-minded practitioner, even when their own practitioner is on holidays.  


Our approach is down-to-earth, using treatments that are tried and proven in clinical practice. Our adherence to solid methodology enables us to provide you with the highest level of care.


We support you by providing education to enable you to make appropriate and practical choices about your health care. Our emphasis is on prevention and putting your health back in your hands!


We look forward to meeting you.  



My inspiration comes from the results I see everyday in the clinic. Homoeopathic principles and the gentle techniques of Bowen Therapy, applied within a framework of genuine caring and diligence, never cease to amaze me!  

If you’re feeling uncertain about trying something different to what you’ve done in the past, please don’t let that stop you. I remember asking my husband to come with me when I first took one of my children to a homoeopath because I felt  uncertain. Seems funny now when I look back, because he was so normal and caring. Best of all, we got such quick results!

As a mother of four gorgeous children (mothers are allowed to brag aren’t they?) and a spouse (25 years!), I have gained my fair share of experience negotiating the pitfalls of parenting, the challenges of raising healthy children in today’s society and the effort associated with maintaining loving, supportive relationships. There is nothing I love more than assisting women to gain confidence in their innate ability as mothers. Homoeopathy is a wonderful tool to have on your side - come and discover for yourself! 


Bachelor Health Science (Complementary Medicine)
Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy

Strategic Psychotherapy training with Michael Yapko

Diploma Bowen Therapy
Dr Luc de Schepper seminar convenor


Australian Register of Homoeopaths

Bowen Therapy Federation of Australia




I feel truly blessed as a practitioner. I love what I do and look forward to every day in the clinic. I consider it a privilege to have exceptionally effective modalities to work with and to witness the results they achieve for clients. 

I have a particular passion for family counselling, especially mums with young families. It has been my focus for many years to find strategies which help women to stay calm in the chaos of motherhood so that they can be kind on themselves, kind on their children and keep their relationships and themselves intact. It often just takes a few techniques to make a world of difference.

Having used homoeopathy almost exclusively for most of my life, I sincerely wish it was more widely used. It is such a gentle, fast and deeply effective option for treating common ailments and most emotional issues, that it saddens me that we’re missing out on what the rest of the world cottoned onto many years ago. I hope to play a part in the transition by providing my clients with the experience of well applied homoeopathic principles and integrative medicine.  


Graduate Diploma of Counselling & Psychotherapy

Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)

Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy

Diploma Bowen Therapy

Dr Luc de Schepper Seminar Convenor

Lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine


Australian Register of Homoeopaths

Queensland Counsellors Association

Bowen Therapy Federation of Australia





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I was very hesitant about seeing a homoeopath, not sure if they'd be down to earth or not, wondering if I would be just on yet another expensive rollercoaster. I was also sceptical about how much difference it could actually make for my child's health. I only went because one of my friends pestered me for months to go to Hands on Homoeopathics.

Firstly, I was very pleasantly surprised to find my practitioner very warm and a person who seemed to have a wealth of practical, commonsense knowledge. I really valued having all the time I needed to ask all of my questions and to have my child's case thoroughly taken.

Within just a few weeks I noticed a huge change in my childs wellbeing, energy and happiness. If you're like me, don't waste time waiting.