Practical health care that works for you  

Are you looking for practical solutions and strategies? We are passionate about helping

people create positive change in their lives through Counselling, Bowen Therapy and

Homeopathy. Our approach is surprisingly gentle and yet so effective! We make every effort

to ensure that what we offer in the way of information, knowledge, resources and health

care is practical, realistic and sustainable.  

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Caring? Yes, we are. We have the deepest care and respect for our clients and appreciate

the role we play as part of your health care team. You'll find us approachable and easy to

contact. When you ring to make an appointment, we will personally take your call. If you

have any questions about your ongoing treatment, we're only an email or phone call away.


Experienced? What makes someone experienced? Is it years of clinical practice, seeing

hundreds of clients? Is it using the therapies you practice for yourself and your family? Is it

living by the strategies you teach to your clients? If so, then we are. Don't let our youthful

looks deceive you!


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"Bowen therapy has been the best thing that ever happened to my back. I work hard and have tried lots of other treatments with varying degrees of relief. Now my back feels strong, I'm pain free and I can do the things I enjoy again."

John.C. (Builder)


"I used to be one of those mums who was busy and stressed a lot. I often felt overwhelmed and isolated, like I was the only one. When I got grumpy with my kids I'd be riddled with guilt for days afterwards. I didn't realise a few practical strategies could make such a difference. Don't wait to ask for help, each moment with your family is too precious to lose. I'm glad I did!"

Allison.K (Mum of four)